Reate future is on the way !

After a long time waiting, Reate knives Future is finaly out of factory.

There are six different versions of this knife :

black out, bronze, hand rubbed satin, M390+mokuti inlay, Damascus+CF inlay and Damascus+mokuti inlay

We have five of these versions available here

Each version is in a limited production

Some version only got 40 produced

Stock will be arrive in New Bee Knife around Friday 20.01.2017

So grab one before is sold out.

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New brand comes in, our first fixed balde brand —- G.E.Chen Knives !

Welcome the new brand here —- G.E.Chen Knives !

If you like fixed blades, you have to check out G.E.Chen Knives.

G.E.Chen Knives is a low production mid tech fixed blade manufacturer.

They are made in China with high quality material.

And they do the exact way how Paul Bos does to heat treat their blades.

As the Christmas Sale is on, it is a great oppertunity to grab one and enjoy the beauties G.E.Chen Knives offered.